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June 2011 minutes

German Village Police Luncheon - Thursday, June 30th; 12:30pm; German Village Meeting Haus

Unofficial Notes

Those Attending: Over Sixteen local residents of German Village, Schumacher Place & the Southside Area plus Eight (8) Columbus Police Department (CPD) Members representing the 11th Precinct: Zone 5 Lieutenant, Three (3) Members of CRT for Zone 5, 2nd Precinct Walking Patrol, Sergeant 1st Shift, 1st Patrol and a Community Liaison Officer

*A little about how the CDP is organized - the Southside is in Zone 2 & 5 - our area is in both Zone 2 & 5; we are all in Precinct 11 and the Southside is in Cruiser Precinct 111 & 113), Precinct 11 is staffed as follows: 1st shift - 6am-2pm (6 officers), 2nd shift - 2pm- 10pm (5 Officers) and 3rd shift - 10pm to 6am (11 Officers)

Jerry Glick opened the meeting and welcomed everyone in attendance

The Columbus Police Department (CPD) Report

1) Last Saturday a local resident at 6th Street/Sycamore was held up, the criminal had a gun and her car was stolen – the CPD took action immediately – an apprehension was made at Giant Eagle – the suspect also gave information on the other two men involved in the crime

2) A suspicious person was caught at Nursery Lane attempting a possible AC theft – CPD found several illegal items in the suspect’s car

3) Most Property Crimes in The German Village Area occur during daytime hours while folks are working.

4) During Tour Day in the 400 Block of Pearl a Car was stolen during the German Village Home & Garden Tour

5) If you see a suspicious person/activity Call 645-4545 (non-emergency). To report a crime in progress always call 911.

6) Kolbacker Park Round Up – Eight (8) arrests were recently made at Kolbacker Park (Ann/Kossuth)

7) Stewart School recently had a break in (broke in the side door/windows) with vandalism (water/toilets were broken and flooded the building) – NO ONE should be on the steps or on the premises – if you notice anyone there, call 645-4545

Preparing Your Home for Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be a time for fun and relaxation. Don't let your vacation be ruined by becoming another crime statistic. Before leaving, take time to prepare your home so that upon your return your vacation memories will not be ruined. The following precautions will help you to have a safe and enjoyable vacation. Before You Leave Home: Plan your trip and give the itinerary with emergency phone numbers to a trusted friend or neighbor. Invest in exterior lights that have photocells; when the sun goes down the outside lights come on (use year round) Install good locks on your doors and windows and be sure to use them. Remove all exterior "hidden" house keys. Make sure all valuables are engraved with your driver's license number and expiration date. Make a record of your credit card and travelers check numbers and keep it in a safe place. Arrange for a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail, packages and newspapers on a daily basis. You can also stop delivery of both for the time you will be gone. Make arrangements to have your lawns mowed and watered. Use timers for interior lights and radios. Make your house look "lived in." Give your local law enforcement agency the dates that you will be out of town. As time permits, they will conduct extra patrols of your neighborhood. Make arrangements for the care of your pets. Remember, vacation planning, thought, and security awareness will reduce your chances of becoming the next victim of a crime.

Make Your Home More Secure with a Home Security Audit

Here is what you can do outside your home to make it less appealing to burglars: Trim shrubs so windows and doors are in full view from the street. A good rule of thumb is no plantings taller than 3' or hanging lower than 7'. Unobstructed doors and windows are a deterrent because the intruder is forced to work in the open where detection is more likely. Maintain (and use) adequate lighting, especially at entry points. The power company will install a yard/alley light for a reasonable monthly charge. Don't leave ladders and tools lying around outside where burglars can use them to enter your home. All valuables like lawn mowers and bicycles should be locked in your garage or shed. Always keep your garage doors closed and locked. This prevents burglars from entering your home through the door leading from your garage into your home. Additionally, it takes only seconds to walk into an open garage to steal work and yard tools. House numbers should be large, prominently displayed and well lighted to insure they can be easily read from the street. This helps police and other emergency vehicles find your home in an emergency. Urge your neighbors to do the same.

General Discussion

1) Why does Crime occur in the German Village Area? CPD Response: German Village is considered a Soft/High Value Area – Houses are close to one another/Nice homes with expensive home items……Some Robberies/Burglaries are often OPPORTUNITY THEFT and some crime during the summer is related to kids being out of school

2) If citizens take a cell phone picture of someone in a public space is there any concerns/issues? CPD Response: ONLY YOUR SAFETY – Be careful some criminals carry guns

3) What about using Mace? CPD Response: Safety FIRST, most individuals Mace themselves or their companion over the Criminal, be sure you know how to use Mace properly

4) If I want to ID my possessions with the Ultraviolet Markers how should I ID them? CPD Response: use your Driver’s License vs. your name/address/phone number to protect yourself from ID Theft

5) Is it OK to jog in the street around Schiller Park vs. using the sidewalk? CPD Response: You should NOT jog in the street around Schiller, please jog on the INNER PATH while at Schiller Park

6) What can be done with a car parked on a city street for over 72 hours? CPD Response: Call 645-4545, the CPD will mark it and have it towed if it is not moved

Crime Reports® was developed by the Columbus Police Department. It is the only near real-time source giving you access to CRIME information in your neighborhood and all over the county. Simply click the link below and enter your home address to see current CRIME in your neighborhood. It will provide you CRIMINAL ACTIVITY reported the last three (3), seven (7), fourteen (14) or thirty (30) days. You can also choose crimes to include in your report and submit Crime Tips. Click here and see your neighborhood block.

Cyberblockwatch.com – German Village/Schumacher Place Citizen-managed BLOG and website allows users to Report/Post/Share Criminal Activity, learn about Crime Prevention & Safety Tips, provides contact information/Links to Columbus Police/CPD Crime Reports®. Click here and Register today to receive Crime Alerts and safety tips.

Meeting adjourned at 1:16pm


Next Meeting - Thursday, July 28th, 12:30pm, German Village Meeting Haus


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