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March 2011 minutes

German Village Police Luncheon - Thursday,March 31st; 12:40pm; German Village Meeting Haus

Unofficial Notes

Those Attending: Thirty Five residents of German Village & the German Village Area plus six Columbus City Police Department Members representing the 11th Precinct: 2nd Shift Sargeant, Precinct Bike Patrol, Community Liasion, Community Response Team and TEAM 2 Leader

*A little about how the CDP is organized - the Southside is in Zone 2 & 5 - our area is in both Zone 2 & 5; we are all in Precinct 11 and the Southside is in Cruiser Precinct 111 & 113), Precinct 11 is staffed as follows: 1st shift - 6am-2pm (6 officers), 2nd shift - 2pm- 10pm (5 Officers) and 3rd shift - 10pm to 6am (11 Officers)

Jerry Glick opened the meeting and on behalf of the German Village Society welcomed everyone in attendance and thanked them for taking the time to participate

The Columbus Police Department Report:

-The Columbus Police Department (CPD) reported the Man & Woman alleged to be associated with several break-ins driving a Blue or Black pick-up truck have not been seen in the area

-In the time period from March 4-12th there were eight (8) break-ins – there have been no break-ins since March 12th – Break-ins general occurred between 8am-4pm in the North Area of German Village (area of: Bleakner/Whittier/Lathrop/Wall Street area) – it was reported they were stealing electronics/games/TVs – they were gaining access in area homes through small windows and/or second story windows – this case is still under investigation by the Columbus Police Department (CPD) – If you have any information, please contact the CPD

-The Columbus Police Department reported Burglaries in the area have gone from 2 in January to 0 in February

-Last Friday (March 25th) the CPD arrested a man possibly connected with up to 100 AC thefts

What is Suspicious Activity?

The Columbus Police Department defined “Suspicious Activity” as any activity never seen before or out of place - suspicious things could be things such as a truck or car driving slowly down an alley; or suspicious person, someone behaving strange doing something unexpected such as picking up packages from a front porch or peering in a car or house windows – Someone that doesn’t fit in your neighborhood – in dealing with “suspicious activity” follow these three simply rules: see something/tell someone/do something - If you see suspicious activity, you are advised to call 645-4545 - always call 911 if you have a police, fire, or medical emergency, or to report a crime in progress.

Looking Out for your Neighbor is one of the BEST Neighborhood Crime Prevention – Jerry stated “we have to be the eyes/ears of our neighborhood” – the CPD can’t be everywhere - work with your neighbors to watch your area for suspicious activity and/or suspicious persons – the CPD is only as good as the information it is given – Folks were also reminded NOT to LEAVE any items in your car - If you see suspicious activity, you are advised to call 645-4545 - always call 911 if you have a police, fire, or medical emergency, or to report a crime in progress.

Jerry also talked about Fed Ex Deliveries, Jerry reminded MEMBERS as part of their Member Services, If you are gone on vacation or off on a day no one will available to receive your package, you can have your packages delivered to the German Village Society – When you return from you time away, stop by the German Village Society with proper ID and pick up your packages

A non-resident not yet a resident stated he was accosted by a woman outside a local restaurant asking for help – what should he do? …….. the CPD advised him to contact the CPD, they can direct folks to community services/local churches

Crime Reports – Residents were again advised to use the CrimeReports® developed by the Columbus Police Department it’s the only near real-time source giving you access to CRIME information in your neighborhood and all over the county.  Simply click the link below and enter your home address to see current CRIME in your neighborhood. It will provide you CRIMINAL ACTIVITY reported the last three (3), seven (7), fourteen (14)  or thirty (30) days.   You can also choose crimes to include in your report and submit Crime Tips.  If you want to stay informed, you can join CrimeReports by signing up to receive their automatic Crime Alerts. http://www.crimereports.com

Cyberblockwatch.com Overview

Jeffery Smith of DesignSmith presented an overview of Cyberblockwatch.com – The NEW Citizen-managed BLOG and website for German Village and Schumacher Place neighborhoods. The site was developed based on the idea of Report/Post/Share and consists of: Crime Alerts/Crime Prevention & Safety Tips/Crisis and urgent contact information/Links to Columbus Police/CPD Crime Reports®/Monthly Police Luncheon information and much more. Only registered users will be able to participate in reporting crimes and/or suspicious activity AND receive an email alert every time a new Post has been submitted. (Everyone was reminded to always report any criminal activityto the CPD first then POST your information for your neighbors and friends). Registered participants will be able to access an online form to post any suspicious and/or criminal activity – once you post your activity, it will go into a queue for moderation – once reviewed and approved, it will post to the website and all registered users will receive an email alert. The system has the ability to share using Facebook and other social medias as was demonstrated by Jeffery. This is an anonymous system – no names will be published – Everything is confidential. Everyone was encouraged to register.

Questions Raised/Response on Cyberblockwatch.com:

-Will you be sharing e-mail lists? NO

-Who will the sender of criminal activity be? Cyberblockwatch.com.

-Will this site be adding Registered Sex Offenders in the Community? Not Sure Yet. The site is completely expandable and we can add new categories as needed.

-Assumption is that everyone has a PC, what about the few that don’t? It is a PC based system

-What about people that file FALSE reports? Filing a False report to the CPD is serious crime – as for folks filing FALSE criminal/suspicious activity, reviewers will review the information just like they do now. If information is false or incorrect to the best of our knowledge - it will not be posted. This type of site is susceptible to abuse like anything else. We ask that everyone post responsibly. Cyberblockwatch.com has the ability to block email and IP addresses for system abusers.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm

Next Meeting - Thursday, April 28th, 12:30pm, German Village Meeting Haus


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