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May 2011 minutes

German Village Police Luncheon - Thursday, May 26Th; 12:30pm;
German Village Meeting Haus
Unofficial Notes

Those Attending: Several residents of German Village, Schumacher Place & the German Village Area plus Nine (9) Columbus Police Department (CPD) Members representing the 11thPrecinct: Zone 5 Commander Mike Woods, Director Of Community Crime Patrol Ellen Moore, Supervisor of Crime Patrol, Two (2) members of the 2nd, Shift, Three (3) members of the Community Response Team, and Dispatcher McKelvey

*A little about how the CDP is organized - the Southside is in Zone 2 & 5 - our area is in both Zone 2 & 5; we are all in Precinct 11 and the Southside is in Cruiser Precinct 111 & 113), Precinct 11 is staffed as follows: 1st shift - 6am-2pm (6 officers), 2nd shift - 2pm- 10pm (5 Officers) and 3rd shift - 10pm to 6am (11 Officers)

Jerry Glick opened the meeting and welcomed everyone in attendance

The Columbus Police Department (CPD) Report

1)     The blue pick-up truck with an extended cab possibly associated with area criminal activity has been seen in the neighborhood recently – Suspects seen driving the truck are a white male driver with a white female companion – the truck has no license plate – if you see this vehicle please report it to the Columbus Police Department 645-4545.  The three homes recently burglarized possibly are linked to the blue pick-up truck – This truck has been seen in the area when homes on small side streets are burglarize.

2)      Residents were requested to contact the Burglary Squad if you have any photos/video of criminal activity – the CPD will in turn review your information and make a decision on sharing this with CRIME STOPPERS and/or CPD patrol units.  If you happen to see the suspects identified in criminal photos/video, please contact the CPD.

3)     There has been no reported NEW vandalism of Convertible roof top.

4)     Response time in the German Village area is very good, it is dependent on the number of criminal activities in the area – the Eastside for example has a slower response time due to a high number of criminal activity reported – often it can take all seven assigned Columbus Police Officers

5)     Residents were advised to be aware when you are in the park – pay attention to your surroundings


Columbus Police Dispatch Unit

1)     CPD Dispatcher McKelvey stated Dispatchers try to answer calls by the second ring – Dispatchers average 2,000 phone calls over an eight (8) hour shift – Dispatchers are often on a mandatory sixteen hour shift when necessary - after reporting the criminal activity be sure to leave your name and contact information – this is the difference between an anonymous call and a known call – this information will be helpful to the CPD in pursuing the case.

2)     Ms McKelvey reminded neighbors that “Suspect Descriptions” are very important in order to catch criminals – the better the description, the better the chance of catching the person, it is also important to provide “direction of travel” of suspects – which direction did the suspect go after committing criminal activity AND/OR if you see someone running with a police dog in pursuit, call the CPD police and let them know what direction the suspect is heading

3)     All reported criminal activity are Prioritized and all “patrolmen runs” are based on priority: Priority ONE is a Police/Fire/Medical Emergencies/Crime in Progress (ie - any criminal activity involving a GUN; A Crime in progress; anyone getting into someone else’s car with the intent to steal; Someone disabling or STEALING an Air Conditioner) – always call 911; Priority TWO (ie - Domestic Violence, fist fights, etc); Priority THREE (ie - a suspicious person, neighborhood disagreement or a non-injury crime); and Priority FOUR (ie - No suspect or un-known suspect/complaint)

4)     When to Call 911 and When to call 645-4545, If the situation is a “Life Threatening Emergency” call 911, the CPD will notify both police and/or medics depending on the situation. Some of the examples cited by Ms McKelvey were – a male walking down the street looking into windows – call 645-4545 (within 30 minutes the response team will be on the scene – However, if the same man is looking into your window or walking around your house at 3am  – call 911 ……. The deciding factor is “the proximity of the suspect and you”; if someone is trying to forcibly open your door call 911

5)     When is it Burglary and When is it Theft, If some takes an unattended bike it would be considered a “theft” – If someone forces you off your bike and steals it – it would be considered “Burglary”.  The CPD normally considers anything over $500 to be Burglary – anything under $500 is Theft.

6)     If you see suspicious activity, you are advised to call 645-4545 - always call 911 if you have a police, fire, or medical emergency, or to report a crime in progress.

7)     Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU) When you call the TRU you will have a one (1) minute and thirty six (36) second recorded message prior to providing your criminal activity information


Crime Reports was developed by the Columbus Police Department.  It is the only near real-time source giving you access to CRIME information in your neighborhood and all over the county.  Simply click the link below and enter your home address to see current CRIME in your neighborhood. It will provide you CRIMINAL ACTIVITY reported the last three (3), seven (7), fourteen (14) or thirty (30) days.   You can also choose crimes to include in your report and submit Crime Tips.  If you want to stay informed, you can join Crime Reports by signing up to receive their automatic Crime Alerts. http://www.crimereports.com


Cyberblockwatch.com – German Village/Schumacher Place Citizen-managed BLOG and website allows users to Report/Post/Share Criminal Activity, learn about Crime Prevention & Safety Tips, provides contact information/Links to Columbus Police/CPD Crime Reports®. To receive Crime Alerts sign up Cyberblockwatch.com

Meeting adjourned at 1:15pm

Next Meeting - Thursday, June 30th, 12:30pm, German Village Meeting Haus

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