Jul 29

AC units cut from building and hauled away in a pickup truck

A white male and female in an older two-tone pickup truck, partially black spray paint and then a glossier turquoise/greenish front portion were seen driving away from behind the business next to my house with two free-standing air conditioning units in the truck bed. They drove away down Rader Alley to Sycamore. Something seemed out …

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Jul 24

Patio table stolen

Patio side table stolen.

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Jul 23

Schiller Park After Dark

I was awakened by my dogs barking at something in the park. I opened my door and could hear loud voices coming from the playground area in Schiller Park. A man’s voice was clearly heard yelling and cursing loudly. There were children’s voices heard too. The playground and swing set seems to be a very …

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Jul 23

Threats being yelled from park

As I was walking my dogs last night, a car pulled up to my house. A man and three kids got out and went to play at the playground. It was a black man wearing an orange t-shirt and orange shorts, he was about 6′ and had facial hair. He and the kids were all …

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Jul 22

Chairs stolen from patio

Sometime overnight, two chairs were taken from our patio. They were decorative, heavy, matching chairs to a table that was left behind. This is the fourth time in seven months items have been taken from our back yard, in addition to my car being stolen from in front of our rental property.

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Jul 21

Car Break in

Passenger window was broken and cell phone was stolen. Happened between 9pm & 3am. Unable to make police report, had to get to work.

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Jul 21

car window broken

two young adults busted out my car window at 5 am. I woke up to the sound and watched them sneak back to try and enter the car in front of my house. I have lived here now for three weeks. What I am wondering is how much this site helps. All the reports are …

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Jul 13

Suspect Caught Breaking into Cars

While walking our dog we spotted an individual entering cars on 6th St at Berger Aly. We called the police and watched from a distances as the individual went from car to car on 6th heading north to Jackson St then west on Jackson St and South on 5th when I flagged down the officer …

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Jul 08

Hanging baskets stolen from business


Flower baskets stolen from front porch of business.

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Jul 08

White male carrying potted fern

Suspicious person walking west on kossuth carrying a potted hanging fern.

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Jul 06

Attempted Breaking into Vehicles

While walking the neighborhood we watched a white male dressed in a baggy red TShirt and red shorts walk down City Park Ave heading North from Frankfort towards Stimmel stopping from car to car checking doors. I spotlighted the individual and asked why he was checking cars which he denied, I then told him the …

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Jul 04

Flag Stolen

Put a new nice flagpole and new nice nylon American flag up on the side of our house Thursday, July 3rd. Had to use a ladder to get it in the flagpole bracket. Looked great. Woke up on the 4th and it was gone — ($40+).

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Jul 04

Home Burglary

photo 1

A young man (20’s, white, long blonde hair pulled back into a pony tail) was captured on security video walking around our back yard between 8-9 pm on 7/3/14. He appeared to be under the influence and at one point appears to vomit into our bushes while holding onto a tree for support. He then …

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Jul 02

Bike stolen from my garage


My handyman and I had just finished painting some trim in my garage and left the garage unattended while we carried it into the house. I left the garage door open and while we were in the house, someone came into the garage and stole my road bike. I didn’t notice anyone walking by recently …

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Jul 02

Stolen Lawn Mower

Neighbor’s lawn mower was stolen out of her back yard. She was out cutting grass, went inside to take a break, came back outside and the lawnmower was gone. A plastic shopping bag filled with aluminum cans was left in its place.  Found out a day later that a bike was stolen from the same …

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