Feb 01

Copper downspouts stolen

Theft of copper downspouts; 2nd time in the last couple of weeks = switching to aluminum.

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Jan 30

Police meeting minutes

1-30-14 Police Meeting Topics Six 11th Precinct Staff, 24 members of the public Neighbors are advised to serve as the eyes and ears of police. If you see something suspicious, call. If something is in progress, dial 911. If it isn’t an emergency, call 645-4545. You are a vital part of communication and patrol patterns. …

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Jan 25

In Home Theft


Someone entered our home and stole cash out of my purse. Back door was unlocked, no forced entry. I told the intruder I had a gun and they ran out the back door. Never got a description as I was upstairs and they were in the kitchen.

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Jan 23

Kids On Front Porch

I was sitting on the couch when I heard noise on my porch. I looked out the window to see 1 young boy (approx 10) climbing over the railing of my porch. There were 2 young boys (approx. same age) waiting for him 2 houses down and saw me. They all took off before I …

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Jan 23

Evening Police Luncheon

ALL SOUTH SIDERS WELCOME! Have a question for the men and women in blue who protect our neighborhood? Grab a neighbor and join us for an evening police meeting at German Village Society Meeting Haus Brent Warner Fest Hall next Thursday, January 30, at 7 p.m. The officers of Columbus’ 11th Police Precinct will answer …

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Jan 22

Back Yard Theft

Suspect entered our back yard and had a cart waiting in the alley behind our house. He stole metal sculptures, bird feeders and hangers, a copper bird bath and metal stand. A neighbor happened to hear the noise, went down to confront the suspect, but he had already left the scene. We have also been told by …

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Jan 17

House burglary in German Village

My son left his house for 20 minutes between 1:15 and 1:35. He came home to find his door wide open. An intruder had been in the house and an expensive camera and camera equipment was stolen. A laptop and jewelry were also taken. The police were called and an incident was filed.

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Jan 14

Suspicious Male in Alley

Opened my backdoor which faces Schiller Alley and noticed a male meandering slowly through the alley. Said male asked me for a cigarette, which I declined. Male then stopped and just stepped behind a tree obstructing my view of him. Seemed odd. He stayed there while I went back into my home.

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Jan 10

Copper downspouts stolen

Copper downspout stolen from one front corner of house – sometime between 1/6 – 1/10. – we usually enter from the rear so I can’t be sure.

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Jan 10

Car break-in

My roomate left for work this morning at 830am and his car had been rummaged through. He was carrying in lots of stuff last night when he came home and forgot to lock his doors. They stole a watch and some change. They got into his trunk via the back seat and luckily did not …

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Jan 05

Copper downspouts stolen

Copper downspout was stolen from the back of the house. The two front downspouts were stolen the week before Christmas.

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Jan 04

Copper Downspouts Stolen 4th & Berger

Came home yesterday (1/4/14) to find all 3 of our copper downspouts gone–torn from the house. Filed a police report and homeowner’s insurance claim.

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Dec 18

Evening Police Luncheon

The next German Village Society police luncheon is scheduled in the evening to allow a different mix of neighbors to attend. Please mark your calendar for 7 p.m., Thursday, January 30, 2014. We’re upstairs at the German Village Meeting Haus, 588 S. Third St. The officers of Columbus’ 11th Police Precinct will answer all of …

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Dec 17

Man in Backyard

My dog started barking really aggressively toward the back door, so I looked out to see what was out there and there was a man walking toward my house. We have a locked 6′ privacy fence around the backyard. He had jumped the fence from South Lane and was probably going to try to break …

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Dec 08

attempted break in into my home

Just put all the pieces of the puzzle together last night. When I got back from work a couple of days ago, I noticed that someone had tampered with my back door light which is light sensitive. I had a difficult time trying to open my door afterunlocking it. Looks like someone used a metal …

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