Apr 30

Car break in

My wife left her car unlock and someone got in it and went through her belongs, nothing was taken however. This is the second time this has happened.

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Apr 30

Found Bed, Bath & Beyond bag with new towels

Found a Bed, Bath & Beyond bag in our bushes on the alley between Jackson and Blenkner. The bag contained new towels. Perhaps they were stolen from someone’s vehicle? Provide a description of them and we’ll return them to you.

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Apr 16

Suspicious person

Suspicious female wandering around on our property this evening (middle aged darker skin tone, medium build, frizzy brown hair). Stated she was here about the “room for rent” (we don’t have any). Pleasant and left quickly stating “I must have gotten the address wrong.

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Apr 15

Man looking in windows and going through trash

I saw a man going through my trash. There are trash pickers who come down the alley pretty frequently, so I didn’t think much of it (they usually open my trash can, see there’s nothing much in it, and walk away), until I saw this man looking into my windows. It really startled me, so …

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Apr 07

Gas siphoned from car multiple times.

I have noticed on two seperate occasions now that my gas lid has been manual opened overnight and gas has been siphoned from my car. Judging from the small paint chips around my gas tank it looks like a screwdriver or similar objected was used to pry open the lid. There was also car stolen …

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Mar 22

Car Theft

Company car was stolen at about 9:30 pm. Someone on Columbus Ave. saw 4 guys driving it away and reported it.

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Mar 21

Drone found


I found a very small drone equipped with a camera beside our house. No way to trace it or know why it was there.

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Mar 13


While walking our dog to Fetch Park, we lost our keys – several keys are on the key ring. It has a dark denim wristband attached. If you find them, would you be so kind to take to the German Village Society Member’s House? They could be on Beck, Jackson, or Grant Street. Thanks so …

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Feb 27

Car Broken Into

Sometime between 7pm last night and 7pm this morning my mom’s car was broken into. The car had been locked when we left it parked out in front of our house at 7pm. Door was ajar this morning and all of the vehicle’s contents had been rummaged through. The likelihood is that nothing was stolen. …

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Feb 16

Break-In Followed by Attempted Break-In

Reporting 2 separate incidents in hopes that it helps out surrounding neighbors. Our house was broken into on 1/18/15. At 4:00 am, we were sleeping and heard a loud noise. Turns out a crowbar was used to open our door and our alarm system went off. The assailant still managed to get away with my …

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Feb 07

January GV Police Luncheon minutes


Engaged GV neighbors bring questions and concerns to 11th Precinct officers. CyberBlcokWatch and NextDoor are great tools, but neighbors should always call the police when reporting suspicious activity. “No report is too small.” We invite all neighbors to join our monthly meetings to interact with our officers and help keep our community safe! Next meeting …

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Feb 07

Suspicious male/theft

Heard dog barking at someone in alley next to my house then a min later my screen door rattled and dog was barking at front window. man looked upset and asked if he could borrow shovel to dig out girlfriend’s car as he lived down the street. I said yes and he headed east on …

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Jan 17

Block Watch Community Meeting for the South Side

Please join members of the Columbus Police Department and Representatives from the 11th and 13th districts for the Community Block Watch Meeting on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 at 6:30 PM in Barack Recreation Center. The meeting will address communication issues between the Columbus Police Department and residents of the South Side.

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Jan 07

Bike stolen

Sometime between 1AM and 4AM garage door was lifted/opener tripped and bike stolen.

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Dec 28

Garage break-in

Arrived home from a long weekend to our garage door partially open. Entire garage rummaged through (including car that was in garage) several tools were taken as well as the change in the car. Was able to talk to one neighbor who didn’t see anything happen or notice when the door was opened (I am …

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