Oct 22

Attempted Home Break-in

Attempted to yank open sliding glass door, which activated the alarm. They were scared off and police arrived quickly.

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Oct 17

Car Break-In

I am 99% sure I locked my car last night, but this morning found my glovebox and console open and everything out on seat and rummaged through — sadly a familiar description and circumstance. Not sure exactly was time, but it was 11PM or after. 7-year old navigation system, which I had forgotten was in …

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Oct 13

Patio Furniture Stolen III

Thieves jumped fence and stole 5 pieces of black wrought iron patio furniture. Didn’t take every piece but took heaviest ones.

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Oct 13

Deck Furniture stolen II

My deck furniture was stolen at some point over night. My dog did not hear it which is strange. Filing a police report today, this is getting old.

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Oct 11

Deck Furniture and Items stolen

Neighbor alerted me via text message that his deck items had been stolen. I went out side at 4:30 a.m. and saw that a few items of mine were gone too. Another neighbor has a surveillance system but the night vision is not that clear, but we see on the video that a young, thin …

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Sep 27

Bike theft from Garage

Just noticed today that bike is missing from garage. Have no clue as to how they entered garage or when this occurred. The bike is a folding Dahon bike, silver and black. It was stolen last year but because of an observant villager, the bike was found and returned! Can I be so lucky again?

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Sep 19

Possible burglary attempt on Mithoff St

A man in a truck approached me (I was on my porch on Mithoff St) and said that a male was trying to get in a neighbor’s front door (this happened on Mithoff St, just west of Bruck, on the north side of Mithoff). The man in the truck had stopped and the guy ran …

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Sep 08

House break in

Broke in through front door. Stole two laptops and a road bike.

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Sep 08

Attempted break in 9/7


3:00am early Sunday morning someone came through our back gate and started kicking down our door into the house. They successfully kicked the bottom panel out but we woke up and ran downstairs and scared them away. Police report was filed. We were unable to catch a glimpse of the intruder.

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Sep 06

Break-in on Jaeger

Broke into back door, stole tvs/laptops/gaming systems. On Jaeger near Thurman.

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Sep 04

Suspicious Truck

Slow-moving pickup truck creeping slowly down South 5th Street from Beck Street at 5 am today. Two men sitting on tailgate of the truck. Police were notified.

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Sep 04

Decorations stolen

Some time over the last 24 hours, someone stole red, white, and blue bunting I had hanging in front of my house. Checked around my house and in the street and it doesn’t appear to have just blown away. Seems like an odd thing to have taken, but sort of similar to potted plants that …

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Sep 03

Break In / Robbery

Assailant broke into back yard through gate. Broke into shed and stole leaf blower and mountain bike. Broke into house via back door and stole 2 road bikes.

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Sep 02

House break-ins / burglary

Around 2PM my neighbor saw from his back yard an old model, beige family van pull up in the alley. Shortly after, he saw a white male running through a neighbor’s yard carrying a flat screen TV and get into the van. The police were notified, but said there was a nearby shooting (in another …

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Aug 27

Car Window Smashed – Items Stolen

Parked vehicle outside of home on street at 10 pm. Found vehicle at 7 am with smashed rear driver-side window. Possessions were rummaged through and a couple items stolen. Myself nor my neighbors reported any noise overnight. Police report was filed.

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