Jan 17

Block Watch Community Meeting for the South Side

Please join members of the Columbus Police Department and Representatives from the 11th and 13th districts for the Community Block Watch Meeting on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 at 6:30 PM in Barack Recreation Center. The meeting will address communication issues between the Columbus Police Department and residents of the South Side.

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Jan 07

Bike stolen

Sometime between 1AM and 4AM garage door was lifted/opener tripped and bike stolen.

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Dec 28

Garage break-in

Arrived home from a long weekend to our garage door partially open. Entire garage rummaged through (including car that was in garage) several tools were taken as well as the change in the car. Was able to talk to one neighbor who didn’t see anything happen or notice when the door was opened (I am …

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Dec 24

Attempted car break-in

I just ran into a neighbor. He shared the following. He was up early this morning and happened to look out of his window. He saw a suspicious man trying the doors on my car. My neighbor pounded on his window and the suspect ran away.

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Dec 24

Found keys on side yard at Kossuth/Bruck

Keys with grandmother tag, garage clicker and other tags found in grass with an envelope from Honey Baked Ham- police picked up this morning so call to collect.

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Dec 23

bass stolen from car

Not sure if we forgot to lock the car or not, but when we left for work this morning, we noticed the center console and glove box had been rummaged through, and the Peavey Bass and it’s case had brethren stolen from the back area of the SUV. We assume this was done in the …

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Dec 23

Suspicious person looking in cars near Sycamore

At 1:55 am, I noticed a man I did not recognize walk to the back of the Waldheim Condominium parking lot and look into the windows of a neighbor’s and my cars. My light was on and he saw me looking through my window, after which he quickly left from the back exit of the …

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Dec 21

Someone in car- caught in act

We turned onto our street (Columbus), arriving home around 1130pm. We noticed that someone was opening the door of my husbands car (it’s an older vehicle that we now leave unlocked after several windows being broken and locks being popped. Nothing of value is ever left in the car). We pulled up just as the …

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Dec 17

Photos of suspicious person.

I saw the guy pictured on bike checking out the parked car a few ahead of me, then he continued on around the corner and reappeared on foot. He indicated that he was afraid of my dog as we were heading to work. Then he stood in front of Thurman Cafe for a minute… Then …

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Dec 17

Door Knocking – possible attempt at burglary

We were talking in our living room when I ran upstairs for a moment… As soon as I passed the front door and made my way up there was loud, vigorous knocking at the front door. It shook the house and was persistent. Because of the hour of night we obviously did not answer. After …

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Dec 17

Suspicious People in Blackberry Alley

As I returned home from an outing, there were two people walking down Blackberry Alley in the dark. I think they were both men, wearing dark hoodies. Shortly after, I took my dogs for a walk and spotted two figures in the playground. I’m not sure what they were up to, but it struck me …

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Dec 16

Rummaging through Cars

While out walking early this morning (3:00-4:00) we spotted a man rummaging through several cars on Briggs St. between E. Sycamore St and E Beck St. After contacting the police, they responded immediately and sent out at least three patrol cars. One of the units stopped a second suspect who we also saw rummaging through …

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Dec 15

Car broken into

My car was broken into last night, though nothing appears to be taken. The front passenger door was ajar and the glove box and glove compartment were open. The contents of my car were spilled all over the front seat. Strangely, a can of pepper spray/tear gas was left in my car. This was on …

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Dec 15

Suspect Hiding in Bushes

Police were dispatched to the area of E. Sycamore St and Mohawk St., and had actually driven right past the suspect hiding in the bushes. However, once the Police left the area we walked up on an individual who was hiding in the bushes at the house on E. Sycamore near Mohawk St. with the …

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Dec 13

Purple Townie Bike Stolen

Bike and other small items stolen from garage. Unattached garage. 3 bottles of prosecco, purple townie cruiser bike with black basket and large white seat. Possibly some tools stolen.

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