Jul 01

Neighbor’s chair stolen off porch in daylight

I was outside and saw this suspicious car drive down the street. They parked in the alley several houses down from me. Passenger got out of car and went onto porch of the house on the alley. I watched, looked like he was knocking on door but did not look like someone who would be …

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Jun 30

Porch Plants Stolen


I went to get the mail this morning and noticed someone had stolen our potted plants from the front porch. We love on the corner of Mithoff and Bruck street. Not exactly sure when the theft occurred but it was between Thursday and Monday. The furniture was chained together so they were unable to steal …

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Jun 29

House burglarized, car stolen

While my neighbors were not at home, thieves broke into their home. They packed up everything they wanted to take, then grabbed their car keys on the way out and also took their car. They had had contractors in and out of the house for about a week. The contractors had noticed some guys snooping …

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Jun 27

Third Break In Attempt

Someone made a third attempt to pry the wooden frame around my glass front door off to steel the bevel edged glass. Again, they were unsuccessful. This time, the dog scared him away.

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Jun 25

Second Break-In Attempt

This is the 2nd attempt in two weeks. Someone has used tools to pry off the wooden frame around the beveled edged glass in my front door. The wood is now very damaged but the glass remains in tact. It must have taken some time. The glass is 4 1/2 feet tall. I live near …

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Jun 22

suspicious activity on Sycamore Street

Man looking into cars, several in a row. When he saw me reach for my cell phone, he volunteered that he was just looking at his reflection in the windows. Reported to 645-4545.

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Jun 19

Lawn Mower stolen from Tool shed

Property stolen from unlocked tool shed by back door, in fenced back yard. Entry was between 4:00AM and 7:00AM on June 19th. Lock chain had not been fastened on mower. Mower was older, red colored Troy-Bilt non-self-propelled model with discharge rear catch bag. Believe it was stolen by someone who is interested in using it to …

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Jun 18

Missing a garage door remote?

Found garage door remote control along sidewalk. Maybe from car break in? Call (206) 355-9959 & describe it if you lost one. Otherwise I’ll turn in to police. Any other ideas for how ways to get it back to it’s owner?

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Jun 17

Missing your bike?


If you’re missing your bike, let me know and file a police report. Observed a gentleman riding his bike down the street with a newer bike in tow. Got a couple of pics and called CPD.

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Jun 17

Car Break-In

Someone entered the mobile landfill I call a car and proceeded to dump everything, from glove box to gym bag to beekeeping box. The idiots missed the $6.00 in change in the ashtray.  There was nothing else worth taking, but they sure made a mess.

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Jun 14

Late-night Mugging

We were awakened at 2:00 AM by a woman’s screams. Two women had just been dropped off by a taxi near their home. And as walking on the sidewalk, one of the women was grabbed around the throat from behind by a male while aggressively yelling profanities at her. He knocked her to the ground …

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Jun 14

2nd Time in 2 Weeks I’ve Been Hit

The first time they tried to come through my front door. This time they came through my back gate, broke into my Shed and stole a Pressure Washer. Lawn and Gardening Tools and Camping Equipment.

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Jun 10

Another broad daylight theft

I am in my yard tendng to the garden and up pulls a large dark royal blue extended cab pick up truck with a matching cover on the truck bed. The cover is the same height as the cab and has windows on both sides. I think he is taking a couple of chairs from …

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Jun 09

More Cars Being Entered

At approx 3:30 AM five (5) young men were seen (on video) walking down our street trying car doors — at least one had a backpack. One car was unlocked and they entered and rummaged through — not my car so not sure if they took anything. This seems to happen a couple times a …

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Jun 06

Young adults trying to break in Cars

I was sitting on my porch when two young adult black males were trying to break in cars. I yelled at them then called the police.

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